Back Pain Symptoms – To Call The Doctor Or Not?

So when should you visit the doctor with back pain? It is often difficult for people to tell the difference from normal pulls and strains and a more serious condition. There are as many types of back problems as there are clouds in the more types of back pain .It can be difficult to decide that it is serious enough for you to go to a doctor. However, we will attempt to calm your nerves and give you some pointers about the best times to visit the doctor. We will use a number of common indicators used by doctors to decide whether or not a certain back conditions warrants more examination.

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Do you have a fever?

It is indeed possible that a fever along with back pain could be caused by the flu. However, if your fever persists and remains unresponsive to treatment, you could be suffering from an infection. Such infections are particularly dangerous for your health. In order to combat the infection, you may be issued with an antibiotic. However, if your doctor believes that antibiotics are not required. He may instead recommend that you take a few days to rest. In these cases, the back pain is a secondary cause of the infection. The best treatment would be to rest for two days and then slowly resume your daily activities.

Back Pain Symptoms - To Call The Doctor Or Not?

Have you had any past trauma?

If you have been unfortunate enough in the past to have went through and car accident, or you fell from a great height, or even if you have had a small injury but you are over fifty, you may gain some unwanted back pain. These are cases in which the doctor will want to take a closer look and make sure that nothing too serious is going on. You could easily have suffered a fracture from the previously injured area. In this case, the doctor will have you given an x ray. If the results come back negative, you may be issued with pain killers as well as more information on back pain causes by clicking here

Are you feeling numb or tingly?

If you are not experience back pain but rather back numbness or tingling,. Then you could be talking about something a little more serious. This could be a nerve which has been irritated. If this sensation is persistent, it could be an indication that you have a herniated disc or a spinal stenosis. You should always visit your doctor in order to have this treated to avoid future disability. Your general practitioner will be able to give you a good evaluations and additional testing to confirm the condition’s nature.

So how is your back feeling? If it is feeling a little bit sore, it may be an indication that you need to get it looked at by a professional. However most back problems are simply a muscle strain which simply require a brief rest. However, if you find yourself with any of these accompanying symptoms, it may be wise for you to pay your doctor a visit, just to make sure nothing more serious is causing your back pain.

Living with back pain is hard, if the pain persist you need to visit doctor for help.

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