What Are The Treatments For Colon Cancer?

When there is cancer in your intestine, it affects your lower digestive system. Colon cancer usually begins as non-cancerous group of cells that become malignance with time. When you meet the surgeon, he will recommend a number of treatments and also tell you which treatment will suit you best. Given below are the 3 basic types of treatments for colon – Read more information on Colon cancer symtoms http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/colon-cancer/basics/symptoms/con-20031877

Surgery – Your doctor will recommend colonoscopy if the is the cancer is in its early stage. If the polyp is large, then you may need laproscopic surgery.

If the cancer is in the second stage, then you may need invasive surgery. Partial colectomy may be needed for removal of the affected part of colon. This will also include some normal tissue surrounding the cancer. The healthy portions of the colon will then be reconnected. But if that is not possible, then you will require colostomy that can be either temporary or permanent.

For advanced stages of cancer, then the surgery involved is major. It will involve removal of colon blockage to improve your condition. Although this advanced surgery will not cure the cancer it will provide you relief from the symptoms of colon cancer. Read more information on liver cancer by clicking here

If the cancer is only in the liver, then the surgery can remove the lesions. This treatment is given in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Wha Are The Treatments For Colon Cancer?

ChemotherapyChemotherapy is a part of Colon Cancer Treatment that destroys cancer with the use of drugs. It controls the cancerous growth and provides relief from colon cancer symptoms. This is the recommended treatment when cancer spreads beyond the colon walls and enters the lymph nodes.

Radiation TherapyRadiation therapy is used for advanced stage of cancer. This therapy is given with power energy to kill cancerous cells. It is also used for shrinking large tumors before surgery so as to make the tumor removal easy.

Targeted Drug Treatment – This treatment involves using drugs to target those defects that encourage the proliferation of cancer cells. These drugs are used in combination with chemotherapy or individually. They are used in the advanced stages of cancer.

The treatment for colon cancer depends on the cancer stage and may combine two or more types of treatments. Or, the procedure may be used in succession. Symptoms of colon cancer include rectal bleeding, diarrhea or constipation.

Each of the stages of colon cancer requires a different treatment that your doctor will recommend after assessing the extent of cancer. The 0 stage is when the cancer is only in the inner lining of colon. The first stage of colon cancer is when the tumor has the inner lining and spread to the inside wall. Stage two needs surgical treatment for removing the cancer.

In stage three, the cancer spreads outside the colon and affects a lymph node. This stage requires surgery for the removal of the tumors. In addition to surgery, the patient may also need chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

In stage four, the cancer spreads outside the colon to the liver and even lungs. The treatment will require surgical removal of cancer, surgical removal of the affected parts, chemotherapy, drug therapy and radiation therapy.

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